6 fruits that help you build and pump muscles naturally  

6 fruits that help you build and pump muscles naturally




1 – Banana

Bananas are one of the fruits that contain carbohydrates, and their presence in breakfast restores the storage of glycogen for muscle nutrition, and is considered useful for replenishing energy stores in the muscles, and a wonderful source of potassium, which reduces muscle contraction.


2 – Cranberries

Many scientists have found that cranberries, especially the frozen ones that are widely available in supermarkets and the antioxidants they contain, benefit the body in burning fat and producing the calories needed for hours of training.


3- Kiwi

When you ask any bodybuilder where he gets the vitamin C needed for his body, he will tell you that it is only oranges, but there are kiwi fruits as well, as they are rich in quantities of antioxidants, help burn fat during exercise, and also contain the vitamin C needed for the body.


4 – Apples

Many studies have proven that apple peel contains urulic acid, which increases fat burning and increases muscle mass. This, along with low levels of sugar, certainly benefits the muscles and the body, but its only drawback is that it is one of the fruits that retains more pesticide residues than other fruits.


5- Avocado

A fruit that contains a large amount of proteins, reaching 13 grams, and is very beneficial for bodybuilders. It also contains a large amount of fiber, which is considered the main source of monounsaturated heart fats, and it can be drunk or eaten directly in salad.







Watermelon is very important for the body because it contains many acids that are beneficial for building and enlarging muscles. It also improves blood flow, allows more nutrients and stimulants to enter the bloodstream, and also helps relax muscles and prevent cramps.

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