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How to sit safely in front of the computer

Many of us need to sit for long hours in front of the computer, depending on the nature of our work, and studies have shown that sitting for long periods may cause health problems such as diabetes, so specialists recommend not sitting continuously, and to walk And move about every hour, We also compensate for the activity that occurs to the body as a result of this sitting by practicing sports activity during the day. Sitting in front of the computer not only affects the vital functions and activity of the body, but it also has a negative effect on the bones and joints of the body, so we must always make sure that Being seated correctly reduces the negative impact on the bones and joints, and helps us stay safe while working at the computer. However, what are the features of a correct sitting position?


Head and neck


The eyes must be parallel to the upper part of the screen, so that they can scan all the screen areas with just the movement of the pubil, without the need to change the position of the head or neck to the upright position, and to move them continuously, or to fix them in a position that is not upright.


Forearms and elbows


Place cushions or chair arms to sculpt the hand to maintain the elbow joint at a 90-degree angle, and close to the keyboard and mouse, in a way that allows them to be used without the need to move the palm joint with each movement, In order to maintain the health of the joint.


lower back


There are many computer chairs that maintain a healthy back position while sitting in front of the computer, but even if the chair is not of this type, all we have to do is make sure that the back takes the correct position, and the correct position is for the back to be in the shape of the letter C, either by the shape of the chair, or by placing a small pillow behind the lower back to reach the correct position.




If the knees are much higher than the thighs, this means that the chair is lower than necessary, and vice versa if the knees are lower than the thighs. The correct position is for the knees to be slightly lower than the thighs so that the thighs are parallel to the ground.




The feet are placed on the ground so that they completely touch the ground, and the foot joint is at a 90-degree angle. If you have to make the feet swing in order to maintain the correct position of the thighs, you must place a box or any piece to replace the ground, and the position of the feet on it is correct.

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