How to Prevent Irritation and Combustion Created by Razor Blade in 7 Steps

There are many methods in today’s conditions to cope with unwanted hair. The most practical and fast accepted method by women compared to the methods of epilator, wax, frosted laser etc is to use razor. According to research, 60% of women prefer the use of razor more often than other hair removal methods. On the other hand, due to its practical and usefulness, the negative sides of the gel, which is the reason of preference, are also present. As a result of improper use of razor blades, it is possible to face the symptoms of irritation, burning and redness in some cases. Is it possible to prevent the appearance of irritation, burning and flake on the skin surface of the razor blade? What should be considered when using a razor? We have put together for you what you need to know about your shaving routine. If you want, take a closer look at the details.


1. Be careful when choosing razor blades


First of all, we would like to remind you that each jet on the market has different functions. There are different types of razors that vary depending on the region in which they are used today. Because the skin surface is sensitive, razor types should also be selected according to this sensitivity. Especially in the bikini and armpit, which is suitable for irritation and sensitive areas, the right razor preference is very important. You can choose different and custom-made razor types for almost every region according to your area of use. Another sensitive point to note at this point is to take care not to use blind razors. The choice of blind razor will lead to irritation, as it will create a rough area. This is why we recommend making sure your razor is sharp.


2. Clean the razor after use


Perhaps the golden rule of a good shaving routine is to use a clean razor. After each use, make sure to clean your razor in a hygienic way. Any bacteria that may form in your shaver can irritate your skin. It is also important to keep the razor blades in a clean and dry area after cleaning. If you are faced with some rust in your razor, it is time to get a new one. It is also very important to change the hygiene of the razor blades in a timely manner.


3. Wait until your skin is moisturized


It is very important that your skin is moist for a shaving experience that you do not feel more easily and painfully. We recommend that you do not opt for this, as the use of razors on the dry surface will deeply damage the skin and create a flaky appearance. If you are applying your razor during the shower, using a razor towards the end of your shower session will provide a smoother application. So your skin will soften and you will have the opportunity to prevent irritation. It is also worth remembering that using a clean foam or shower gel before the use of razor is one of the essential steps for a comfortable razor experience.

. Raise the scented products

Although it may seem tempting to use fragrant products during the shaving experience, synthetic scents can be the main source of irritation. For this reason, even if it is the most popular part of your shower routine, we recommend that you rack up scented products for a while. Fragrant gels and foams prepared with artificial ingredients are one of the causes of skin irritation. Therefore, when using a razor, it is necessary to take care to use clean cream and cleaners. On the other hand, if you do not want to give up the pleasant smells in the shower, you can drip some lavender and rose essence into your bathroom.

5. Use shaving cream


Do not forget to use shaving cream when removing unwanted hair from your skin. Not only is it important for cool and smooth looking legs, but also the use of shaving cream to protect your skin barrier. Thus, it is possible to provide a smooth transition during the shaving experience. Razor application directly to dry skin without using moisturizer or cream can cause irreversible damage to your skin. Therefore aloe vera you can add clean moisturizers to your shaving routine.


6. Shave your hair in the right direction



When using a razor, determining the direction of the feathers and applying in this way will ensure a healthier result. Thus, it is possible to prevent skin irritation and burning. On the other hand, when applying razor, it is important not to pass through the same region again and again. This will be one of the visible causes of irritation. Therefore, we would like to underline that you need to shave the feathers towards the exit direction.


7. Change your razor blade frequently


We want to remind you that the razor you use is not your own fixture and tell you that you need to change it at certain intervals. Continuing to use an old, blunted and function-lost razor will be one of the biggest causes of shipwreck, burning and irritation. For this reason, razor change is very important to prevent bacteria from reaching hair follicles. Usually we would like to remind you that razors should be replaced after 4th or 5th use.


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