How to prepare a natural shampoo for falling hair


Hair is defined as excess substances composed of protein, which appears on the human body and the rest of the organisms of the mammary species and the hair consists of a combination of excess protein and some of the non-living cells, which are mostly produced from the body toxins, and when mixed with each other, the hair is made up of

Hair loss

Hair loss is very common in most people and often the phenomenon of hair loss as a result of the cycle of hair growth in a natural way, so that hair fall at a pace ranging from fifty to a hundred hairs a day and this is considered a very natural loss, so that ninety percent of the hair grows all the time and may range new, hair grows what However, as a person gets older, the pace of growth starts to slow down significantly, resulting in hair loss at a high pace.

Causes of hair loss

There are many reasons that lead to hair loss including the following

The use of harmful chemical cosmetics: so that these products depend on the use of a lot of people, both male and female, which effectively contribute to increasing the damage of hair and shearing and also lead to its fall significantly, such as hair dyes, straightening and smoothing materials and colors that contain chemicals and substances that are used for wrinkles, which

Androgenic alopecia: androgenic alopecia is one of the most important causes that contribute effectively to hair loss in men and is symbolized by the name of Science called male alopecia known as baldness.this disease that affects hair may be transmitted from parents to children. women who suffer from this phenomenon are usually considered to have a light and small appearance of hair and filled with voids but do not become baldness like men. the stage of appearance of baldness in both sexes begins in the late second and third decade.

Macular alopecia: it is one of the causes that are considered pathological and contribute significantly to eating hair from the middle and the pleural area, called the phenomenon of partial fall, and macular alopecia is considered one of the diseases of the immune system, so that the immune system to create and produce autoantibodies to the same hair.

Ways to prepare a natural shampoo for falling hair

There are many ways in which to prepare a shampoo in a natural way for hair loss, including Miley

How to prepare PH shampoo from rosemary oil for hair loss


Proper amount of Rose Marie oil.

The proper amount of lemon oil.

Two capsules of vitamin E.

Empty can of pre-cleaned shampoo well and take into account its drying out of water.

Method of preparation:

We put in a bowl ten drops of rosemary oil.

Add ten drops of lemon oil.

We put vitamin E capsules. 

Mix the ingredients together well until the capsules dissolve.

We put the mixture in a shampoo box and it should be empty.

Shake the package well, apply it to the hair after it has worn out.

We spread the shampoo on the hair in an equal way.

Repeat this recipe once every two days to get the best and fastest result to reduce hair loss.