How to make popcorn with honey and butter


How to make popcorn with honey and butter, is one of the very delicious popcorn recipes that many people like to enjoy, whether at home while watching movies or in the cinema.

Popcorn, or popcorn, as it is known, is a type of pastime that is widely accepted among adults and children alike, and it is one of the most prominent types of entertainment that we eat while watching interesting films in cinemas or at home.

Salted popcorn is the most prominent among the popular popcorn varieties among all, but other flavors of this type of entertainment have become the focus of some interest, such as caramel popcorn, chocolate popcorn, honey popcorn and others.

Ingredients for making popcorn with honey and butter:

Popcorn made from corn kernels has a high nutritional value as well as a delicious taste. Learn with us today how to make honey and butter popcorn that will be appreciated by all your family members.


3 cups corn kernels

1 cup white or black honey

3 tablespoons butter

How to prepare:

Put the butter in a pot over medium heat until it melts

Add the corn kernels on top of the butter and cover the bowl quickly to protect you from flying kernels

A few seconds and you will hear the popping of corn kernels and soon the sound will increase until it stops

Reduce the temperature of the fire until the popping sound stops completely, then turn off the fire

Put the popcorn in a tray and pour honey over it, then put it in the oven for 10 minutes until the popcorn absorbs the honey and you get a sweet taste and golden popcorn kernels.