How to make honey shampoo to take proper care of your hair

If you want to make a hair shampoo yourself at home and ensure that it is highly effective and beneficial to the health of the hair and scalp, then continue reading this article with us, as we will, through the following lines, show how to make a natural shampoo for your hair using honey


Honey is known to be one of the most important substances used in abundance and of great benefit to the health of the scalp and hair. This shampoo helps to treat dandruff, treat dry scalp and moisturize it. It also helps to increase the softness of hair, reduce its wrinkle, and give it a healthy and attractive appearance. This is due to the following reasons:



1 – The pH of the scalp, which expresses the pH of the scalp, is from 4 to 7, while the pH of honey is 4, and therefore the lowering of the pH of honey helps to restore the acidity balance of the scalp and thus treat its dryness and get rid of dandruff.

2- Honey is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and therefore it helps to treat any bacterial or fungal infection of the scalp.

3- Honey does not remove the important oils from the scalp and hair, so the hair is not too greasy, as in this case the scalp will not secrete more oils, as happens when regular shampoo strips the oils of the hair and scalp.

4- Honey helps moisturize the hair and thus leaves the hair softer, smoother and less wrinkled

5- Also, you will not need to wash your hair on a daily basis, as you can go for 4 days without washing your hair because the scalp’s production of fatty substances and oils will be balanced and natural.

And now we will leave you with the method of preparing honey shampoo

First, the ingredients:

Honey (preferably raw) – Pure, clean water (preferably use a filter to filter the water before use) – A few drops of one of your favorite essential oils.



Second: the steps:

1 – To make shampoo in an amount that is sufficient to wash the hair for one time only, add a tablespoon of honey to three tablespoons of water.

2- Then add a few drops of essential oil, for example lavender oil, as essential oils give the shampoo a good smell and are also useful for moisturizing the scalp. If you need to get carrot seed oil, you can also add it to the shampoo to increase its effectiveness in moisturizing the scalp.

3- Mix the ingredients together well so that you have succeeded in preparing the shampoo and you can use it by drying your hair and then massaging the entire scalp with shampoo and then washing with water, and honey shampoo does not require you to use a conditioner after it.

4- It is preferable that you make the shampoo directly before using it, so do not make a large amount and save it because it may spoil, but make a sufficient amount to wash your hair only once

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