How to make eyeliner at home


If you want to make your own  eyeliner at home with easy and safe steps and ingredients, we offer you, through the Educate Yourself site, an easy, wonderful and very useful way, which is how to make eyeliner and here are the steps and ingredients

How eyeliner works

First, the ingredients:

1- 50 ml of sesame oil

2- A copper bulb that accommodates 50 ml

3- Thick and long cotton wick


4- copper plate

Second: the steps:


1- Put half of the oil aside and put the rest on the bulb, then put the wick and light the lamp

2- Place the copper plate on the bulb in a position so that it is in contact with the flame of the bulb and fix the copper plate to any bracket


3- Put the bulb in a place where there is no air at all hours of the night or until the oil burns, as it takes 10 hours to burn

4- When the oil burns, you will see the remnants of a thick black powder on the copper plate. This is the kohl

5- Put half a tablespoon of the remaining oil on the eyeliner and rub it with your finger for a minute or two

6- Then collect the eyeliner and put it in an airtight box or box for 2-4 hours in the refrigerator before using it, then take it out of the refrigerator and store it at room temperature

7- Now that you have prepared the eyeliner yourself, decorate your eyes with it as you wish

We hope that you will try this method and tell us the result and whether it is satisfactory for you or not

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