How to make curly hair gel at home


Curly hair needs special care and needs a gel of a certain type of natural ingredients that can only be found in India, so in this article we will mention the ingredients and steps that enable you to make a natural hair care gel


¼ cup of book seeds

2 cups of water

How to prepare:

1. Put the water and book seeds in a saucepan over a medium heat

2. Stir constantly so that the seeds of the book do not stick to the bottom of the pot

3. As the water boils, you will find that there is a white foam that has started to form on the surface of the water

4. After some evaporation of a little water you will notice that the mixture becomes thicker little by little, as in egg whites

5. Test the thickness of the mixture with your hands and do not remove the mixture from the heat until it becomes gelatinous

6. Do not leave the mixture on the fire for more than 10 minutes because if you leave it boiling for a long time, it will become very cohesive and you will not be able to put it on your hair

7. Filter the flaxseed gel after it cools down

8. You can add an essential oil to get the best results

How it is used:

1. Wash your hair first

2. Apply the gel to heavily wet hair because a little of it will not give the desired result so that it remains wet and soft

3. If you try to use a dryer, you will notice that the drying time is taking longer than usual, and this is normal due to the gel moisturizing the hair


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