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How to make cornflakes at home

Corn flakes at home is an easy, light and quick meal that can be prepared at home in a simple way. This meal opens up the appetite of the little ones, and when you add milk, nuts or fruits, it becomes a complete meal by itself without preservatives.


How to make cornflakes at home Ingredients


1/2 cup warm water

1/2 cup brown rice

Metal cooking pot

to apply

Two cups of milk

Fresh fruit

Banana rings


How to prepare


Soak the brown rice in warm water overnight.


Place the metal cooking pot on the stove to heat up.


Add enough rice to cover the bowl and stir until it smells like toasted rice and puffs up like popcorn.


Remove the pot from the heat and set aside the corn flakes formed or the toasted brown rice.


Repeat the process by heating the pot again until the quantity is used up.


Add hot milk, nuts or cinnamon and serve it to your children as a quick and healthy breakfast. Blessings and healing.

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