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How to make a natural makeup remover at home

Make-up removal

Many women resort to using cosmetics to get a beautiful appearance, although it has become a permanent routine for a woman’s life on a daily basis, but it is necessary to get rid of this make-up completely on a daily basis, in order to make the skin breathe, open its pores, and reduce the appearance of pimples and grains On the skin of the face, and enhance its health, glow, smoothness, and radiance, and in this article we will talk about natural ways to prepare a natural makeup remover.

How to make a homemade makeup remover

Simple ingredients found at home can be used to obtain an inexpensive and natural makeup remover that enhances the health and beauty of the skin, through the following:
Make-up remover with olive oil and aloe vera water
Natural olive oil is one of the most effective and wonderful natural ways to get rid of difficult and complex makeup such as eyeliner and eyeliner, as well as lipstick. :
the components:

Some cotton for removing makeup.

Aloe vera water.

Natural olive oil.

How to prepare:

Mix olive oil with aloe vera water, put it in a special jar, and shake well before applying it to a make-up removal cotton.

Coconut oil makeup remover
Coconut oil helps remove make-up and enhance skin moisture, through the following:
the components:

One cup of water.

Two tablespoons of coconut.

A small dash of Johnson’s Baby Bath Soap.

Special cotton to remove make-up.

How to prepare:

A bundle of soft cotton for removing make-up is placed in a glass jar, and a mixture of water and coconut is added to it to obtain a cotton soaked with the mixture and it is ready for use.

How to prepare:

Baby shampoo, coconut oil cream and water mix well together.

Bring a glass jar, and put a cotton packet in it to remove make-up.

Pour the mixture over it and it is ready to use.

Make-up remover with almond and hazelnut oils
These natural ingredients help to get rid of makeup in a natural way without the need to use ready-made materials that contain harmful chemicals, through the following:
the components:

Four tablespoons of water.

Four tablespoons of almond oil.

Four tablespoons of hazelnut oil.

How to prepare:

Mix water with almond oil and hazelnut oil.

Cotton is added to remove make-up and used when needed.

In this article, we talked about the wonderful and effective natural ways to prepare a natural makeup remover as if it was ready and available in the market, but the difference here is that all the ingredients used are natural and simple from the home that are inexpensive, gentle on the skin and help to enhance its health and beauty as well.


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