Facial cupping is a natural treatment for facial skin problems

Cupping is one of the ancient therapeutic methods known to the Egyptians, Arabs and Chinese, as it is the password in treating a large number of diseases.

Cupping technique that you can use to rejuvenate the skin, and this facial technique is done using small, lightweight cups because the facial skin is relatively sensitive to the skin of the body.


How does the face cupping technique work?


The vacuum suction produced by the use of these cups provides a soothing sensation to your skin. This is an effective technique to improve the appearance and health of your skin. This technology is mainly used to deeply cleanse your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and it absorbs dirt and impurities from your skin and gives you a fresh and vibrant complexion.

Facial cupping also helps in promoting collagen secretion in the skin, which makes the skin supple and vibrant, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improves blood circulation to add a natural glow to your skin because it rejuvenates the skin, helps reduce puffiness, and removes toxins.

What distinguishes cupping from other skin treatments is that it is a natural cosmetic treatment, apart from injections of Botox and fillers, and it can also be applied at home if you have its own equipment, which are plastic tubes of different sizes.


Cosmetic cupping benefits


Facial cell regeneration and skin maintenance


Enhancing the absorption capacity of the skin and face of stagnant fluids from storage areas (the forehead, sides of the nose and cheeks), which reduces the appearance of acne, sagging and chronic puffiness in the face


Reducing lines and wrinkles on the face


Reducing pressure on the skin, making it strong and supple


Promote relaxation and signs of aging


Activating the facial muscles, which reduces tension and tightness, especially if we cupping the muscles associated with the temporomandibular joint


Reducing sinus infections and making you feel comfortable immediately after cupping


Reducing lines and wrinkles on the face


Anti-age factors such as freckles and melasma


Completely eliminate dark circles


Helps increase collagen activity


This technique also helps to maintain vitality and rosy skin color for at least four days, as cosmetic massage relies on reactivating the blood supply to the skin, which reduces the symptoms of ischemia, with which pigmentation and dark spots appear.

How to do a face cupping session

The facial cupping session usually lasts for half an hour, during which the technician cleans your face and neck, then an essential oil is used to gently massage your face and neck, and small cups are used to perform this process.
The technician keeps the cup on the face, where the suction effect of the cups creates a vacuum and removes the skin impurities effectively while lifting the facial tissues, then the cups are moved to create a massage-like effect, and the cupping session itself takes about 15 minutes.

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