How to make a natural balm to treat dandruff and itching with tea tree oil

Do you suffer from dandruff, which in turn causes annoying itching in your scalp? You may have tried many lotions and mixtures to treat this crust and get rid of the annoying itching, but it did not bring a satisfactory result! Today, we offer you easily a way to make a balm that treats dandruff and itching with natural materials based on tea tree oil, which can be easily obtained from a perfume store or from a pharmacy, and start making the appropriate balm for your hair dandruff problem.

How to make a natural balm

How to make a natural balm

How to make a natural balm

Ingredients of the method of making a natural balm to treat dandruff and itching:

  • apple cider vinegar cup
  • Water Cup
  • Few mint leaves

We boil the mixture together and make a spray, then massage the scalp of the fingers until it dries and rinses.

You can now get rid of dandruff easily by making a   natural moisturizing and anti-dandruff  balm . All you need is a few  simple ingredients 

  • A cup of distilled water or pre-boiled water.
  • 1/2 cup of aloe vera gel or natural aloe vera extract.
  • spoon of coconut oil.
  • A spoonful of filtered lemon juice.
  • Content of 5 capsules of Vitamin E.
  • 20 drops of thyme oil and tea tree oil massage and shake well before us

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