How to make a crying cake? Crying cake recipe with plenty of sauce

The crying cake recipe, which can be prepared half an easy way to taste both cake and cake at the same time, will add taste to your tables. So, how to make a crying cake recipe?


Ingredients Needed for Crying Cake Recipe3 eggs1 Cup of sugar1 cup of milk2/3 cups of oil3 Tablespoons of cocoa1 Pack of vanilla1 package baking powder1 glass of milk (uberto1.5 Cups flour


For cream200 Ml of raw cream100 G of powdered sugar


(other option) for cream1 Pack whipped cream1 glass of milk


For sauce200 Ml cream100 G of dark chocolate


1It starts with cake making.


2Eggs and sugar beat for about 5 minutes.


3Milk continues to be mixed by adding fat.


4Flour, baking soda, vanilla, and cocoa are blended in a bowl and then mixed with cake dough.


5It is given to the preheated oven and served ready to eat after 40 minutes.



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