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How to inflate your lips without plastic surgery - Care Beauty

How to inflate your lips without plastic surgery

All women dream of having full and beautiful lips because the lips are the most sexy part of a woman’s body and the most attractive part that greatly increases her beauty. Of course, we do not recommend that you blow your lips using chemicals because they are very harmful to the body and may not work or you may not get the desired result that you want. You dream of it and a permanent distortion occurs in your lips, and we will now introduce you to the most important natural methods that enable you to inflate your lips in very natural ways, which are


First: brushing the lips


After you have finished brushing your teeth, pass the brush on the lips and exfoliate the lips to improve the appearance and texture of the lips as well. Brushing the lips helps remove dead cells and improves blood circulation in the lips, which increases the volume of the lips.


Second: Exfoliating the lips





It is very necessary to exfoliate the lips to get full lips, where you must choose a suitable exfoliator that helps inflating and swelling the lips to make them appear larger, and one of the excellent exfoliators for the lips is to mix a little sugar with water and rub the lips with it well


Third: try cinnamon oil


Cinnamon oil helps in plumping the lips, as it stimulates blood circulation and makes the lips appear larger, so put cinnamon oil on your lips. You will feel a little burning, but its results are wonderful.


Fourth: peppermint oil


Peppermint oil, like cinnamon oil, helps to inflate the lips and increase their size because it improves blood circulation in them, so Eve mix peppermint oil with Vaseline or with lip balm and use it regularly.


Fifth: pepper oil


Eve, mix drops of pepper oil with your lip balm and use it regularly


Sixth: Mix coconut and cocoa butter


Eve, mix a spoonful of coconut oil with a third of a spoonful of cocoa butter with 20 drops of sweet almond oil with two drops of pepper oil and put it on your lips