How To Get A Better Skin Look With Less Effort?

YouTube videos, Instagram posts and ads. We now know better than ever how to take care of our skin. But numerous products on the bathroom counter, such as, skin care it can cause us to get confused. If you break down your maintenance routine into specific periods, things may be easier for you. With this guideline list; you can learn how to follow a routine daily, weekly and monthly. Here are some tips for getting better skin with less effort…


What should you do every day?


Purification: You should wash your face every morning and evening with a cleaning gel that suits your needs. Especially when it comes to night routine, it is very important not to skip cleaning. Because during the day; oil, dirt, makeup and sunscreen accumulate in the pores. When not cleaned, unwanted problems such as blackheads and acne may occur.


Sun protector: We do not know the negative effects of harmful rays of the sun on the skin. Sun rays; premature aging, skin spots, skin cancer and inflammation can cause many problems. Experts claim that about 80% of facial aging is caused by UV rays. For this reason, it is recommended to use a minimum of SPF30 UVA and UVB sunscreens daily.


Humidifier: Factors such as air exchange, sun, diet and air pollution cause the skin to dry over time. Dryness of the skin can lead to many negative conditions. For example, you may have premature wrinkles on your skin. It can also cause existing wrinkles to be more visible. When moisturizing is not used, exfoliations in the skin may also occur. For this reason, it is very important to use moisturizing cream suitable for skin type every day.


Tip: Don’t feel like you have to follow the entire care routine every day. Cleansing the skin, sun protection and moisturizing are very important steps. However, you can skip the steps some days. For example, you do not use tonic or skin serum every day. On that day, use products that are tailored to your needs. For example, if your skin is very dry, you can use moisturizer and serum on the same day. If it is a day when you wear intense makeup and your skin is sufficiently hydrated, you can apply tonic after the cleaning step and then use moisturizer. Your skin needs may change for different reasons, such as climate, season, weather, and age. Therefore, determine your routine during the day according to your needs. Remember, the best routine is the one that is applicable.


What should you do each week?


Peeling: Every skin type is different. However, even when you wash your skin with cleaning gel, the skins can be exfoliated. Exfoliating one day a week will help your skin look smoother and brighter. In addition, it reduces the likelihood of clogging the pores. But you should avoid making hard movements when peeling. This can cause irritation.


Pore cleaning: Check the condition of the pores every week. Clogged pores are annoying in their appearance. Masks with clay or coal content help to clean the pores. These products clean the blackheads, making the skin look more vibrant. At this point, it is very important to choose a mask suitable for the skin type. It will be enough to use a mask suitable for the skin type only one day a week.


What should you do each month?


Check the expiration dates of the products: Every skin care product, from face masks to serums, should be used before the expiration date. Products that have an expiration date may increase the risk of infection. It can also dry out your skin and create rashes. Especially if the texture and smell of the product have changed, throw it away without thinking.


Do skin examination, get professional support if you need it: It is very important to do a skin examination one day a month. Do I have a new one coming out? Are your pimples on the rise? The answers to these questions are important for both skin and optimal health. If you are faced with an unusual condition, contact a dermatologist. Inflamed pimples or lesions that you cannot make sense of should be treated under the supervision of a specialist.



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