Eating slowly reduces weight!

A team of researchers at the University of Los Angeles in California confirmed that eating slowly helps reduce body weight, because this method makes a person eat smaller amounts of food and gives him the opportunity to enjoy it.


The researchers pointed out that the study included 30 young women, who were given a meal of pasta with a sauce consisting of tomatoes, vegetables, and cheese, after they had eaten food containing about 400 calories for breakfast.


Then they divided the group into two groups: the first group was asked to eat quickly, and the second group was asked to put the fork next to the plate after eating each bite, and eat slowly and in small quantities. The researchers noted that the first group completed the meal in nine minutes, during which they ate 646 calories, while the members of the second group ate 579 calories in 29 minutes.


The researchers explained, according to what was reported in Al-Ahram newspaper, that the women who were asked to talk and eat slowly, ate 70 calories less, on average, compared to the group that ate their meal quickly.


Scientists explained that people and the elderly can maintain their intelligence and mental strength for a longer time if they reduce the amounts of food they eat.


In tests conducted on mice, researchers found that animals that ate foods with a 40% reduction in calories produced doubled levels of protein, which is responsible for protecting brain cells and nerves, which are distinguished from the rest of the body’s other cells by their limited ability to renew. Scientists believe that low-calorie or limited-calorie foods are the only way to prolong the lives of healthy people and protect them from neurological and brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


A team of gynecologists confirmed that eating frugally and exercising regularly are enough to protect them from the risk of breast cancer.


The results of previous studies showed that women in developed countries suffer from breast cancer. Because of their excessive food intake, compared to those who live in poor countries.

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