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How to differentiate between corona and allergies? How do you protect the home from Covid-19? - Care Beauty

How to differentiate between corona and allergies? How do you protect the home from Covid-19?


Winter brought with it a host of diseases and problems, such as the flu, but the emergence of covid-19 has made the diagnosis more complicated, especially if the person has allergies. So how do we distinguish between allergies and Corona? And what are the top tips for a healthy winter? And how to decorate the house in a way that protects against Corona? And how to strengthen immunity in winter? The answer is in this report.

We will give information in 7 questions:

1-How do we differentiate between influenza and covid-19?

In his report published by the French newspaper Le Figaro, author Pascal granmizon said that since the beginning of 2020 the emergence of covid-19 has complicated the diagnosis, since some of its symptoms-such as fever, cough and body aches – resemble those of the flu, while the mortality rate is higher, even among young people and children.

The flu spreads between November and April, and is more common at the end of December and the beginning of January, affecting-for example – two million to 8 million people each year in France, with an increase in the number of deaths from 8 thousand to 14 thousand over the last three seasons, especially among people with fragile health.

The severity of the virus varies from year to year, due to which there are many, unpredictable influenza viruses, which can undergo a genetic mutation very quickly, becoming more dangerous over time.

Contrary to some beliefs, is not the flu just a bad cold, it can have fatal complications.

The writer stressed that it is important to receive a flu vaccination, as it prevents dangerous infections. This year’s vaccine is crucial because it reduces confusion between flu and covid-19 symptoms, helps correct diagnosis to receive the right treatment as quickly as possible, and also stops the spread of coronavirus among the population.

2. allergy or corona?

The German magazine “Freundin” reported that the novel coronavirus (covid-19) causes great concern in allergic rhinitis patients due to the similarity of the symptoms of the two diseases.

The Journal on health explained that the similar symptoms between allergic rhinitis and the novel coronavirus are:

1 – Dry Cough

2 – shortness of breath

3 – runny nose

In contrast, allergic rhinitis and coronavirus can be distinguished by the fact that the symptoms of coronavirus additionally include:

1. extreme temperature rise

2. sudden loss of smell and taste

3 – muscle and joint pain

3 – How to ventilate the house in winter in a way that protects you from coronavirus infection?

The German Institute for the Prevention of accidents advised to ventilate houses regularly, in order to prevent coronavirus infection, as well as prevent the formation of moisture and the appearance of mold in the rooms of the House.

The experts of the German Institute explained that regular ventilation helps to enter fresh air and prevent moisture or the appearance of mold, which finds its fertile environment in the warm wet atmosphere.

Ventilation of the House needs to be done more than once per day, to replace moist air with dry air from the outside, however it may be necessary to warm the room after ventilation in some very cold climates.

For its part, the Consumer Protection Center in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, stressed the importance of proper ventilation of the house during the winter, in order to avoid the formation of mold on the walls.

German experts explained that mold fungi can multiply directly on the walls, starting with a humidity of 70-80% in the air.

To avoid this, the House should be ventilated by air currents at a rate of one to two times a day for 3 to 5 minutes, taking into account increased ventilation times as more people are inside the House.

It is worth noting that the moisture in the air is due not only to cooking in the kitchen or bathing, but also to breathing and night sweats.