How to choose the right vitamins for you and what your body wants

Choosing the vitamins needed for our bodies is not easy. There are many contradictions found in the recent research on vitamins, and this is somewhat normal because the science in this field is developing rapidly, but what you need to know now is how you can find the best vitamins for women?

Know the essential nutrients your body needs

Your body daily needs raw materials to support the enormous biological mechanisms that nourish your physical and mental activity, strengthen your immune system, and regenerate skin, muscles, blood, tissues and bones. This fuel comes in the form of major nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. You also need essential fatty acids, which are often overlooked. Our bodies need an adequate supply of all of these nutrients to function properly.


Vitamins and minerals work together

Each food substance has a specific vital task in our bodies and these substances work in harmony with each other, for example, vitamin E works more efficiently in the presence of vitamin C. Calcium also has a higher absorption rate in the presence of magnesium, and zinc helps many other nutrients in boosting the immune system, so it is impossible to say that one vitamin deficiency is the cause of certain symptoms or isolate the effect of one vitamin from the other, for example vitamin D deficiency has the same Symptoms of vitamin B deficiency, so we must take enough of all vitamins to ensure the health of our bodies.

The inconsistency between the adequate daily dose of vitamins

After the spread of diseases such as rickets and scurvy during World War II, the daily dose of vitamins and minerals became greater than before. Therefore, following up on bulletins that specify adequate doses of vitamins and minerals for an individual will not work, especially with those who use nutritional supplements to support health and prevent disease diseases. Despite the great progress in the field of nutrition during the past 60 years, the problem of reaching the ideal dose of vitamins remains until now.

You should always consider these six characteristics when choosing the best vitamin for you:

1- Perfectionism: based on the latest research in nutritional sciences, it was found that women need at least 30 types of vitamins and minerals in addition to the formula of essential fatty acids.

2- Bioavailability: Scientists use this term to measure what is absorbed by the body versus what is excreted from it, and until nutrients exit from the digestive system into the bloodstream, vitamins collide with each other until they are excreted into the blood, so vitamins in this process can destroy other nutritional values, so Always make sure to choose vitamins that do not do this process excessively.

3- The nature of vitamins: Make sure to choose vitamins that are free of artificial preservatives, dyes, sugars or other contaminants, and that the fatty acids in them have been tested on mercury and lead before.

4- Confidence: Vitamin manufacturers must follow the steps established by the Food and Drug Administration and ensure the validity of those companies to manufacture such nutrients.

5 – Laboratory testing: As with pharmaceutical drugs, each batch of vitamins produced must be tested to ensure that it contains the ingredients written on the packaging.

6- It makes a difference: you are the last test of the vitamins you take. If you do not feel a real difference after taking the vitamin for 30 days, you should try other vitamins. This does not mean that all the symptoms you suffer from should disappear in that period, but the feeling of improvement is what you want to reach in the beginning .

Always know that choosing the vitamins necessary for you is the only way to better health. Half of those who take vitamins do not feel better because of the wrong choice of vitamins.

To enjoy better health, continuous activity, and enjoy every minute of your life, always make sure to take high-quality vitamins

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