How to be beautiful in 5 minutes!

You have an important appointment and you are in a hurry and you do not have time to do your hair and hide pimples and … what are you going to do and how can you be the most beautiful look in this short time and other questions that are on your mind at this moment … but there is no need to worry because Al-Mirrat magazine Al Arabiya found the solution for you in this article exclusively, “How to be beautiful in 5 minutes.”

1/ Get your hair done

1* If you have curly hair

The solution is easy. Take a spray bottle of water, spray your hair, moisturize it a little, then rub your hands with almond oil, rub your hair with it, give it the shape of waves, then decorate it with accessories.

2 / How to hide acne

First, wash your face with a special facial soap to remove all impurities. Then take a tablespoon of lemon juice and put drops of it on the bread, then rub the pimples with a piece of bread and leave it for 3 minutes until it dries, then rinse your face with cold water

Finally, to complete your look, apply light eyeliner and eyeliner makeup

3/ Hide dark circles

Put two tablespoons in the refrigerator for 4 minutes, then put them on your eyes for 20 seconds, and you will notice the immediate disappearance of dark circles.

4/ lips

To moisturize and soften the lips, apply your regular lip balm, then rub it with sugar for 3 minutes to “activate blood circulation.” Finally, rinse it with warm water, and you will notice that your lips have become soft and shiny.