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5 great tips to keep your hands from drying out

The hand suffers from cracks and dryness, as it is vulnerable to cold, heat, and weather fluctuations. Arab Women Magazine offers you tips for hand care




The hand needs protection from cold air and dryness. It is preferable to use gloves in winter to protect the hand from dryness and cracks that sometimes need intensive care.







Water causes dryness of the skin. Separate the use of lukewarm water, not running or very cold. If you work or use water in your work in a large way, it is preferable to wear appropriate gloves so as not to expose your hand to dehydration.


3- Soap


Many of us notice that our hands are dry after using soap, because soap contains substances that dissolve and interact with fats and dirt


Try to use soap whose pH is suitable for the skin, which is 5.5


4 peeling


It is preferable to do hand peeling to remove dead skin and renew blood circulation. Use the method you prefer for peeling, for example using natural oils or wax scrubs. Try to massage your hands in a circular motion during peeling. It is preferable to peel gently.


5- Hand cream


Moisturizing creams should be used well after using water, paper, or any work you do. It is preferable to moisturize the hands afterwards, as it moisturizes the hand and protects it from cold and dryness.


Use the moisturizer that suits your skin

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