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How to be attractive and elegant - Care Beauty

How to be attractive and elegant


Elegance is the most of the things that occupy , as they are always looking for ladies and girls for everything that makes them very sparkling and beautiful, as they are always ready to spend all their money for this purpose, and kill websites in search of the secret of beauty and elegance, while in fact it is never limited to spending money, and the acquisition of precious

How to be attractive and elegant

Girls think that elegance is limited to clothing, attention to fashion and the acquisition of beauty tools, as if they are magic tools of elegance, while in fact there are many other components that make women always very elegant and beautiful, which are a range of behaviors, and ways of self-care at the level of many fields.

Stylish woman behaviors

There are many behaviors that an elegant woman should follow, as elegance stems from thought, and those behaviors are:

Self-esteem, since a woman who respects and values herself, knows the fate of herself, is the most elegant and distinguished person.

Do not try to please others at the expense of oneself.

Picking words, not all speech is worthy of a woman, a woman should be elegant-tongued,chaste.

Be honest, a false woman diminishes her beauty and femininity.

Be respectful of morality, know the limits of talking from others.

Culture and constant culturing is very important for a woman, an educated woman attracts others, more than a very beautiful woman.

Maintaining femininity as much as possible, a soft woman attracts everyone, and contrary to what everyone thinks, a soft, soft woman is the strongest woman.

A woman may wear the world’s most famous brands, but she despises herself with an inappropriate word that comes out of her mouth and inculcates an inappropriate idea with others.

The self-confident woman is always the one who loves everyone, and is not afraid of being overwhelmed by her presence.

Knowing a lot of aspects and knowing a lot of information, aspiration gives her the way to talk with confidence.

Attention to the elegance of thought and enlightenment of the mind.

Airing negative energy, makes a woman hated by comrades and all around her.

Do good, take care in every situation before doing it.

Help others as much as possible.

Not to delve into the biography of others, as they are market actions that are not worthy of prestigious ladies.

Spreading positive energy, makes everyone see the woman bright and enlightening.

Be careful before acting in any situation.

Try to control oneself, not to come upon any action or reaction only after deep thought.

Fun, car fun, always loved, and beautiful in the eyes of others.

Exercise is very important, and helps the body to be energetic and active.

Smile is the title of a beautiful woman, an integral part of her elegance and beauty.

Always speaking in a low voice, even in situations of anger, a woman should never let her anger get to her.

Not to be silent about the truth, whatever it takes.

Be patient and have no haste that gets her cool.

Peace and love is the title of a high-end woman, getting into constant conflicts, and her life is centered in problems is very ridiculous.

Perfume words before they go out, beautify them without hypocrisy, or flattery.

Religiosity is one of the things that gives women happiness, beauty and elegance.

Direct the gaze to the speaker, where it reflects the strength of her character, her frankness, her fearlessness.

Do not allow anyone, no matter what, to get her, or to go too far.

The lack of talk excites those around her, the unclear or mysterious woman is always sexy.

Leave quarrels, stubbornness understand not like a woman.

Being soft-spoken, not speaking fast, they lose part of their femininity.

A stylish woman, must be a sponge to absorb the anger of others, overlook a lot of mistakes, to maintain her beauty, agility.

Elegant woman, characteristic woman in everything, regular in everything, smoothly chooses everything that is suitable.

Taking care of life behaviors, a woman must be familiar with etiquette.

Knowing how to eat does not diminish her femininity, how to ride a car, how to rejoice, how to express her grief, how to talk to others.

Treat the inhabitants of palaces as befits them, and treat the poor as befits them, i.e. humility for those who deserve humility.

Attractive stylish women’s clothing

There are many women who wear the most expensive world brands, made with the hands of the most famous fashion designers, but in fact none of those around felt any elegance or brilliance, and if a lady wears simple clothes, but catches the eye, then in this aspect it comes down to several things, which are limited to:

A woman should pay attention to wearing what suits her best, not what fashion and fashion imposes on her.

Choose the right colors for the place and the occasion, and even the colors that suit her skin.

Keep as far as possible from nude revealing clothes, which reduce the woman, Queens and princesses, never Strip, according to the rule that every revealing is cheap.

Focus on the occasion you go to, what suits the night does not suit the day, what suits the joys does not suit the funeral, and so on.

Not going out of the ordinary, which provokes controversy, may reduce femininity and elegance very much.

Simple study of color symmetry, find out which colors harmonize with others.

Wearing clothes that are appropriate in size, it makes no sense for a woman to dress, too wide a skirt makes a woman featureless, and a narrow shirt makes her fatter than she is.

The quality of the fabric is very important, which reflects the elegance, beauty and luxury of the clothes.

Clean, flat clothes make a person confident in what they wear and make him gain a place in the eyes of the audience.

Diversifying between casual and classic, daywear is beautiful and light, but the mirror should not be limited to jeans and not a wide shirt, there are many classic clothes, which reflect the beauty of a woman.

Choosing clothes as soft as possible, the youth clothes brought out by fashion do not suit stylish women, especially those cut and patchwork clothes.

Wearing some distinctive silver or gold pieces, gives beauty to the clothes and for the presence of women, there is no dispensation for stylish accessories, with the obligation not to overdo it.

Trying to uniqueness in clothes and owning pieces, this is very important, it must be constantly observed, it is the elegant woman who uniqueness of her costume in fashion, not imitating everything that is already widespread and existing.

Secrets of a stylish attractive woman

There are many things that make a woman elegant, fun, non-clothing, appearance and behaviour, but they are complementary to those things, which are represented in the:

Skin care, the title of women’s skin, the beautiful women’s skin shiny smooth characteristic, there are many liquids that can be used by women to give vitality and activity to their skin.

Maintaining health, body weight does not matter, every woman has it-Meas for weight, different from others, but in the end elegance, emanating from confidence, and from a healthy body.

Every woman should love herself, trust her abilities, give herself appreciation, whenever she can.

Attention to hair, always, hair is the title of femininity, beautiful polite hair, signifies a woman Special.

Nails are an important sign of femininity, trimming nails and keeping them clean is very important.