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How long does cosmetic dentistry with contact lenses last? Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry aims to obtain beautiful-looking teeth, without any problems that can affect their health in general. These operations vary, but the doctor must determine the type of procedure that is appropriate for each person, including the type and shape of contact lenses. To inquire about dental problems, and everything related to lenses, and how to take care of the teeth to ensure that they last a long time, “ ” met at the Ebla Specialized Dental and Cosmetic Complex with Dr. Muhammad Iyad Khalil Al-Jarrah, who has a degree in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry since 1997

What are the most problems you face?



In fact, the most problematic is the “urgent patient”, who wants to get the best results without entering other clinics. Cosmetology is the last stage of all treatments, for example, nerve treatment, orthodontic treatment, filling treatment, and dislocation treatment, in addition to treating the supporting tissues and gums. . Patients who hurry are on the path to reducing the proportion of cosmetic surgery, and the greater loss of teeth. Sometimes we have to over-cold the teeth to get a better cosmetic, and here we are faced with the problem of losing the dental nerve when we exaggerate the cold. This procedure is not preferred, because we know that the nerve is the safety valve that gives strength to the tooth, and a warning when a problem occurs, so I always advise all my patients that proper planning for a good treatment begins with doing all the necessary procedures before cosmetic surgery, such as straightening, cleaning and treatments, before starting cosmetic surgery.


Is cosmetic dentistry permanent for life?


No person or dentist can get permanent makeup for life, and this talk can never happen. In fact, I think that this is a misleading advertisement for some companies, and in theory, cosmetic surgery cannot last more than 10 years, increase or decrease, so all universities and cosmetic centers in the world give the average limit for the survival of cosmetic in the mouth for ten years, and this causes a change in the vertical dimension of the face and movement Permanent teeth with time, and the occurrence of some absorption in the bone.



What is the physiological regression of the gums?



It is a natural regression due to age, caused by the regression of bone. The gums and permanent tissues are the protective wall of the bone, and therefore follow the bone, and some people are more susceptible to periodontal diseases than others, for several reasons, including alkaline saliva, poor bone hygiene, lack of periodic review, or because of a lack of vitamins, or general diseases in the body that lead to a lack of gum immunity. The mouth is the place most exposed to the accumulation of germs in the body


good cleaning






How is it ensured that daily cleaning is good?



There are signs of success that indicate that daily cleaning or brushing is good, including:

The absence of any food residues in the gum area with the teeth. The teeth and gums are in harmony with each other in a healthy way. Brushing the teeth each tooth separately, not as a single mass, and the normal period of brushing is two minutes.


I always advise all patients to eat an apple before brushing, as this helps remove harmful food residues on the teeth before brushing daily.



What criteria do you rely on when cosmetic dentistry?



The question needs a lot of detail, but in short:


The patient’s gender, male or female, so the composition of the male is more sharp, and the female is more smooth. The patient’s personality, as each personality has the shape of the teeth: a firm person has darker and borderline teeth, and a quiet person has more transparent and rounded teeth. A shape that differs from a full person, and we often encounter the problem that the patient wants to apply a beautiful smile that he saw in another person, even though it does not suit him. In this case, I suggest to the patient that we do an experiment for him, and not rush the decision, because cosmetic is a standard and personal taste that differs from one person to another. Of course, the basic lines are agreed upon, but there are standards for some people who have their own standards, which we must respect, and they differ according to customs and traditions and the nature of the place and the surroundings. For example, Arabs often tend in cosmetic dentistry to excessive whiteness, unlike Europeans, who often ask for natural whiteness. The more natural the shape, size and color of the teeth, the greater the demand for them. On the other hand, the African people are more in favor of the white color, especially for the large and less transparent teeth. Therefore, cosmetics depends on many factors, so that each dentist has his own fingerprint. There are doctors who know their work, as soon as you see the smile on a person’s face.

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