How does long-term corona affect joint and bone health?

What are the symptoms that appeared after recovering from Corona?


These symptoms can last for months or years after recovering from COVID-19. Some people who already suffer from conditions such as arthritis experience elevated levels of pain in the joints.




After Corona, reactive arthritis may develop. Reactive arthritis caused by Corona appears like normal arthritis.




When it comes to long-term corona, the knee was the most painful joint, and patients even complained of arthritis and inflammatory lower back pain.


What causes orthopedic problems? There are several causes for this musculoskeletal pain.


First, direct viral toxicity, endothelial cell damage, and dysregulation of the immune response lead to excessive inflammation leading to myalgia.


Second: Muscle pain and a long recovery time from Corona may cause stiffness and stiffness in the joints, which ultimately leads to joint pain.


How long is the pain normally?


Most joint problems and pains associated with corona go away with adequate recovery, but for some people, they show signs of long-term permanent damage and some cases have also been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis.


Joint pain after Corona must be dealt with seriously, inflammatory conditions can occur in the body due to some types of viral infections, and in this case, inflammatory arthritis can cause a condition that may continue even after Corona is gone if you or someone you know He suffers from severe joint pain, so he must find out if it is related to Corona.




After recovering from Corona, they must maintain the movement of their muscles and joints by stretching moderately and exercising.




A sedentary lifestyle harms the body even without any infection, so patients should do at least 15-30 minutes of physical activity every day.




Other than that, cold and hot compresses and adequate rest can help reduce inflammation in the joints and eventually soothe the pain.

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