How does intimacy affect the brain?

If you want to know what is the effect of intimacy on the brain and do not know what these effects are, it is important that we shed light on this topic so that you know what are the different effects that its practice leaves on the brain. Wife on the brain


1- The relationship works like a drug:


Like a drug that makes you feel happy, and this is the reason for the great desire of every person to practice it, as it helps to secrete a chemical called dopamine, which acts as a neurotransmitter that activates the brain’s brain. Of course, the effect of sex is different from the effect of the drug, but both drugs and the sexual relationship work to activate the same centers in the brain


2- antidepressant


In a study conducted in 2002 on two hundred women, this study showed that women who have sex without a condom are less likely to suffer from depression. The researchers mentioned that semen contains some substances such as estrogen and prostaglandins that have antidepressant properties, and these substances are absorbed into the body after intercourse. .


3- It may be frustrating


Some researchers stated, through a study conducted on a group of women, that the woman who practices the married relationship, and she has no inclinations to her, such as the existence of marital disputes, for example, and feels remorse after that relationship, and that she did not want her at that time, this is a strong factor for her frustration and discomfort.


4- Helps relieve pain


The marital relationship also helps relieve headaches and headaches, as a study conducted on a group of people in 2013 showed that people with headaches or psychological headaches improve their condition by a large percentage after the intimate time, as it helps to secrete oxytocin, the hormone responsible for happiness and love, and thus increases the degree of love between spouses


5- Strengthen memory and treat its weakness


Memory loss, whether partial or total, and poor memory is a problem that a large number of people suffer from, but you can help yourself to solve this problem through regular intimate time, as some studies and research have shown that having sex helps strengthen memory because it helps strengthen nerves and strength of the area. hippocampus responsible for memory


6- It helps calm the nerves


Studies and scientific research have proven that this time helps to rest and relax and helps a person to face difficult situations with calm and concentration, and intimate time also helps to reduce high blood pressure.


7- Helps to sleep peacefully


This may be due to the fact that intimate time helps to secrete oxytocin and serotonin, which are hormones that help calm nerves and make them feel relaxed and happy, and thus peaceful sleep


Health benefits of intimate time practice:


1- Exercising the body helps to increase the secretion of dopamine, a substance that helps fight stress hormones, and therefore, having sex helps reduce the degree of tension and stress in the body.


2- Increasing physical and muscular activity because it requires physical effort, and it also helps to burn a large number of calories in the body, which may reach about seven thousand calories per year.


3- Reducing headaches and headaches, as well as lowering high blood pressure


4- Maintaining the health of the heart and blood vessels,

5- Reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men, as research indicated that regular ejaculation in men helps protect against prostate cancer.


6- Strengthening the muscles, especially the muscles of the pelvis, lower back and abdomen, and this is very important as it protects from pain that may occur in the lower back.


7- It regulates the hormones of the body in women, and thus the regularity of the menstrual cycle occurs, as well as helps to relieve menstrual pain


8- Make both the man and the woman feel as if they are younger and therefore the intimate time enhances the feeling of youth, optimism and hope as well





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