How does breakfast protect you from diabetes

How does breakfast protect you from diabetes?




If you have diabetes or there are signs that you are at risk of developing it, you should pay more attention to breakfast than others.


After 8 hours of fasting while sleeping, the body needs sufficient nutrition to begin its day’s activities.


In this case, you should eat carbohydrates to obtain energy, but you must also take into account the blood sugar level, and also control the weight.



* A regular breakfast often consists of cereals, and carbohydrates and simple sugars constitute about 80 percent of the calories supplied to the body, so you must consider the following to have a healthy breakfast that protects you from the development of pre-diabetes, avoids it turning into a disease, or protects you from the condition deteriorating:



* You should rely on complex carbohydrates, not simple ones.


You can do this by giving priority to whole grains such as brown bread or oatmeal.



* Paying attention to the quantity and size of the meal is an important step to controlling diabetes, or protecting the body from its development.


To do this, divide the meal into 3 parts: one-third for protein, one-third for complex carbohydrates, and one-third for fruits and vegetables.



* In addition, eat two servings of fruit throughout the day to get the right dose of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins.



* Make sure to choose types of protein that do not contain sugar.


Pay attention to eating eggs, beans, and cheese.



* Small meals throughout the day help avoid high blood sugar levels.


Eating 6 small meals throughout the day helps control blood sugar, with a meal every 3-5 hours.



* Make sure to exercise and be physically active to burn calories and avoid weight gain

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