12 cups of water a day helps you get rid of fat

12 cups of water a day helps you get rid of fat



There are many ways and means of getting rid of excess weight, but natural methods and old recipes remain among the best and safest methods, and one of the most important and safe natural methods is water.

Clinical nutritionists and local obesity treatment specialists consider water to be the most important nutritional element in the weight loss process, and when applying a diet or diet for weight loss, you must drink at least 12 cups of water daily. This is a very important point for this system, and you should not follow old ideas that say that water is stored in the body. .

They say that the body stores water if you do not drink it because it will protect the person from dehydration. Drinking water not only makes the body get rid of excess water in the body, but also stimulates the body to absorb food, which thus stimulates the weight loss process, so you should drink 12 cups of water daily. without exception.

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