How do you take care of the neck and neck area in a natural way?

How do you take care of the neck and neck area in a natural way?

When you, madam, take care of yourself, you often forget about the neck and neck area. But in fact, this part of your body needs a lot of care, even more than the face, due to its extra sensitivity.


The neck is largely lacking in sebaceous or sebaceous glands, as well as an almost complete absence of collagen fibers. All of these factors contribute to the skin of this area losing its elasticity easily and being exposed to drying out.

The neck and neck are where wrinkles appear first, and they are the first two areas of aging. Experts divide neck and neck wrinkles into several sections: the horizontal wrinkles that we find at the neck level are the results of genetic and hormonal factors, while the wrinkles that appear below the neck come from excessive exposure to sunlight. Vertical wrinkles that you notice, madam, on the neck are the result of aging, as well as some positions that you get used to, such as sleeping on the side.

Moisturizing and nourishing creams are your best companion for delaying the appearance of age spots on the neck and neck. Beauticians advise you to:

Use a moisturizing lotion (solution) daily. As we use it on the face, we even extend to the neck and neck in the same way.




At night, use a nourishing cream to protect the neck and neck skin from external influences.


For the neck, it is recommended to peel it once a week. Apply the exfoliating product in circular motions in the form of a light massage to revitalize the skin and get rid of impurities.

Always put sunscreen on this area as on the face, studies have proven that exposure to the sun accelerates the appearance of wrinkles.

Madam, avoid the sudden change in your weight, so that you do not increase the problem of white lines as well.

If wrinkles have appeared and these preventive methods will not work with them, there are cosmetic solutions that come with good results to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or reduce their severity, such as light pulse and chemical peeling.

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