Want to learn how to make a wonderfully shaped, refreshingly scented, and effervescent bath bomb in an enchanting way? We’ll give you the full method here, so get ready for the sweet bubble fizzy fun!

How do you make bath bombs?  2

There is nothing quite like the feeling of immersing yourself in water for the first time after a hard and tiring day, your muscles relax and the tension in your back and neck fades, and the bath bombs are the best of all, you throw them in the water and bubble and the bath glows with the smell of roses, what a blessing! Learning how to make bubble balls is very easy, but I must admit that my first experience of making them was not successful, I searched on the Internet for “how to make bath bombs” or “make bath bombs” and the like, and I found some instructions that I followed, but I came up with something Molten viscous and very messy, and after a few attempts I discovered how to make bubble balls in a way that is guaranteed to succeed, and now I would like to share with you what I learned you will make balls in a very short time.

Do I need molds for sparkling balls?

Here’s the good news: you don’t need any special tools, and don’t make the lack of molds an obstacle in the way of your learning, there are many things that can replace the molds for sparkling balls and work just as efficiently. You can use Christmas tree decorations, which often consist of two identical halves. You can find them in handmade products stores, and do not worry if you do not succeed in finding them, there are many alternatives. You can use chocolate molds that come in very cute shapes, muffin trays, silicone molds, and even an ice cream scoop! To make a stereoscopic ball, divide a tennis ball into two equal halves, just search in your kitchen and you will inevitably find many valuable tools that can be used. Usually, small bath balls are easier to make than large ones, because they are cohesive, while larger ones are subject to disintegration.

You have the mold now, and these are the ingredients you will need, most of which you will find in the supermarket.


  • Glass or metal bowl for whisking
  • spray bottle
  • gloves
  • templates
  • sieve

 Make sure you use a glass/metal container instead of a plastic container, because the plastic absorbs the smell of essential oils *Note: you can designate a glass container for mixing only because anything that will be placed in it after that catches the smell of the fizzy balls.

Bath bombs 22

the components:

  • 1 cup citric acid, look for it in the organic food store, in the canning department, if you can’t find it, use ½ cup of mustard mayonnaise
  • Two cups of baking soda from 20-30 drops of essential oils, depending on the strength of their smell.
  • A spoonful of almond, apricot, or olive oil “as desired” 15-20 drops of food coloring “as desired” A very small amount of water.


Notes on making bath bombs:

  • Baking soda is found in the baking section of the supermarket, and it is also called baking soda. * A tablespoon of oil is optional, but it gives a wonderful feeling of moisturization, and do not use almond oil if you are allergic to nuts.
  • To make colored sparkling balls, you can mix basic food colors “yellow-blue-red” to find any color you want, purple is a little deceptive, when you mix blue with red you get green! But it turns purple when placed in water.
  • To find out which scents you use, check out our Scent Guide. Keep away from air fresheners, as they are not used in fizzy balls.

Where do I find citric acid?

Many people ask where they can buy it, you can sometimes find it in the bread section of the supermarket, but it seems that it is not available in all stores, if you do not find it, the easiest way to get it is to buy it online.

– There are alternatives to citric acid as well. One of the readers suggested using mayonnaise with mustard, and the result is the same except that it is a bit thick, so it is preferable to use only half the amount designated for acid. If a cup of citric acid is required, use half a cup of mayonnaise.

Beware of these ingredients!

Borax (white crystalline powder) is used as an anti-toxin, and if it reaches the stomach, it poisons the liver and kidneys, and swallowing it causes liver cancer.

Cornmeal: gives water a good texture and a pleasant texture on the skin, but it increases the risk of vaginal infection in women.


How to make bath bombs:

It is best to work on a small amount until you are sure that you master it, so reduce the recipe quantities to 1/3 cup citric acid, 2/3 cup soda, this is enough to make a small fizzy ball for one bath. ready? Put your gloves on and let’s start now

1- Mix citric acid and soda together in a bowl and make sure they mix well, I found that the best way to make sure they are mixed is to sift them together!

2- Add the essential oils and the extra tablespoon of oil according to the type of your choice and food colouring. And mix them with your hands quickly before the mixture boils, the food colors will affect the texture of the mixture, making it a little lumpy, and you can overcome this by rubbing the mixture between your hands quickly and vigorously.

3- Spray the water spray on the mixture in very small amounts each time and continue mixing, you will need less water when the mixture becomes lumpy.

4- Press the mixture firmly into the moulds. If you are using a mold of identical halves (such as a Christmas decoration and a tennis ball), fill each half lightly and press the two parts together tightly, do not twist them just press! Gently remove the mold to get your bubble ball.

5- Let the balls dry for a few hours in a warm place away from moisture, and direct sunlight, I prefer to put them in transparent paper to absorb water and help dry.

6- I use it in less than a few weeks because it loses its smell and ability to fizz. If you give it as a gift, I advise you to enjoy it immediately.

problem and solution:

  • The ball will fall apart if you try to get it out of the mold! This is for two reasons, either the mixture needs to be pressurized more inside the mold, or because it is a little dry, when you put the mixture in the mold be sure to press it well and leave it for a minute in the mold and then take it out, if this method does not help you add more water spray to the mixture, it may be more dry than necessary.
  • The bubble ball expands and makes a sound like an explosion of bubbles! You added extra water and the ball started bubbling! You can salvage the mixture by adding more citric acid and baking soda, “two parts soda to one part citric acid.”


How do you fill your bubble ball and wrap it? Now you know how to make a sparkling ball, and you want to wrap it beautifully, and the simplest way is to wrap it with transparent paper, if the ball smells of lavender, adding a lavender wedge will be a beautiful touch. Or you can put it in a gift box and use origami paper to make it.

What then?

I hope you enjoyed the way to make bath bombs, keep them and decorate them, also check out how to make bath powders and salts, it is easier and faster than the way to make bath bombs