Old age and old age are a year of life, no one can resist it, but thanks to scientific and health progress these days, you can control a little bit about its symptoms and try to delay it as much as possible. The mind is what distinguishes a person and preserving it comes at the forefront of priorities, so we will guide you on a way to maintain the health of your mind when you grow old.

1- Challenge yourself and learn new things

You may be surprised by this, but recent studies have shown that learning something new regularly and seriously to the point of feeling tired and stressed stimulates communication within the brain and enhances cognitive skills. Learn new skills such as knitying

for example. You will be amazed at your ability to learn and stimulate your brain to absorb so much information.

2- Test your mind

Always take tests to measure your level of cognitive performance and its change. Test your verbal abilities, logic and short-term memory. These tests stimulate and stimulate the brain’s performance.

3- Do some exercise

Does exercise really help maintain a healthy brain? The answer is yes.

HIIT exercises are strong, intense exercises that reach your maximum potential. You can rest for short periods during their exercise. They improve cardiovascular functions and help you lose weight, but they can be dangerous, so we do not advise you to do them.

On the other hand, there are similar sports that are lighter and you can do it easily and feel fun while performing them and get the same results and they are called LISS or low intensity steady state exercises. 

In order to keep your mind healthy and active, you must search and find an activity that you really love and in which you find passion and love. Put in your mind to remain positive, giving and thinking until the last day of your life, and do not let the mind turn to idleness and laziness.