How do you differentiate between original perfume and imitation perfume?


One of the most common questions that come to your mind when shopping is how to differentiate between an original perfume and an imitation perfume? Especially since there are a lot of traditional perfumes in the market and they are sold at the same price as the original perfume. The first thing you should do when buying a perfume is not to ask the seller if it is original or not, because it can easily deceive you, but you must be aware of the difference between the original perfume and the traditional perfume. Especially since the traditional perfume is packaged and placed in the same bottle as the original perfume. We share with you some information that will help you differentiate between the original perfume and the imitation perfume.

The difference between the original perfume and the imitation

How do you differentiate between the original perfume and the imitation perfume?

Packaging :

Some people may make a mistake when packing and packaging the traditional perfume, but the original always has a box in which the name of the perfume, the brand and the import information are written. You can identify the traditional perfume by making a mistake when writing the name of the perfume or misspellings in the brand, and one of the mistakes that can occur is that the perfume wrap is not perfect. The original perfume must be carefully wrapped in cellophane paper around the packing box.


You should always see the country of origin on the plastic labels under the bottle (eg Made in France, Made in USA). Note that imitation perfumes will not write the country of origin on the bottle itself or on a label.

Also, the original perfume bottles will be of high quality and you can tell by that it has a smooth and smooth surface and the brand name is printed on the bottle naturally and you can’t erase it easily.

Content :

Some may say that you can shake the bottle to see if the perfume is original or not. To know the original perfume, when you shake the bottle of the original perfume, bubbles appear on the bottle. These bubbles should disappear in a period of 10-15 minutes. Because the imitation fragrance bubbles disappear instantly. And you should notice the color of the original perfume, as the color appears more natural.


The original perfume has a distinctive smell that can last with you throughout the day without disappearing, in contrast to the imitation perfume. The original fragrance lasts for 3 hours even after dressing, but the tradition disappears after an hour. And when the original perfume is sprayed on a paper, its smell lasts for 24 hours and leaves a trace on the paper.


The perfume should be in a completely transparent bottle and there are no sediments or clouds in the liquid particles. And if you have doubts about whether the perfume is imitation and not original, it is better not to spray perfume on the skin because it may contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin.


There are many people who believe that the barcode indicates whether the perfume is original or not. In fact, this should not be taken into account because it is easy to forge barcodes. The barcode shows where and when perfumes are produced and it is important to realize that the same perfume can be produced in more than one place and therefore have different barcodes. Perfumes made in France have a barcode starting from 30-37, while perfumes made in England start at 50, German starts at 400-440, Spanish with 85 and Italian 80-83.

How to avoid imitation perfume?

If you don’t buy perfume from a major retailer, here are a few things you should look out for in order to limit the purchase of fake perfume:

  • What is the cost? If the price of the perfume seems too low, there is a possibility that this perfume is an imitation.
  • Where is the perfume sold? If you are buying perfume from a website, this website may seem evasive. It is preferable to buy perfume from its intentional distributor or major retailer.
  • Have a look at the packaging: Is there any mistake in writing the country of origin Is the perfume packed in poor quality paperboard?

A set of points to ensure that you get an original perfume:

  • It should be noted if the perfume box is wrapped in clear and thick plastic cellophane paper on the bottle.
  • Note the presence of a plastic seal or other heavy bonding material such as glue or rubber band the fragrance becomes imitation.
  • Look at the bottle from the outside to see the details of the design and construction.
  • Read every text and look for spelling, grammatical, punctuation or any other errors. In the absence of any error completely, the perfume is original, but if there are errors in writing or printing, the perfume becomes an imitation.
  • Look for the factory or designer contact numbers to inquire about anything you need and in case of any doubts.
  • Note packaging materials and check fragrance weight and color fit.
  • Considering the bottle’s shape, length, width and design, is it the bottle you expect?
  • Also check the quality of the perfume bottle, by noting thickness, clarity, scratches, or other other defects that may appear on the bottle.
  • Does the bottle have any air bubbles or change colors? Look at the bottle cap to see the color again.
  • Examination of the perfume bottle cap Does perfume spray easily? The inner tube must extend to the lower part of the liquid and the cap of the bottle must not be separated from the bottle so as not to allow air to escape.
  • Note how to print the trademark on the packaging.
  •  Pay attention when applying perfume to your skin and notice the appearance of any symptoms. If you have an allergy, itching and rashes will appear.

We hope that we have given you enough information to buy an original perfume and become confident in the products you are using. Do not forget to tell us about your experience in the comment?

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