How do you deal with panic attacks when you have them?

How do you deal with panic attacks when you have them? Many people may suffer from panic attacks that strike them suddenly, and do not know how to deal with it correctly or how to extinguish this attack so that it can return to normal in a short time, in addition to that many panic attacks may occur without a known cause for the person, as Panic attacks are attacks of intense fear that affect a person for no apparent reason, the cause may be fear of a certain thing and so on, and these attacks that affect many people imagine that they lose control of themselves completely, or that they will have a heart attack .


How do you deal with panic attacks when you have them?


There are many things that if you do, you will be able to improve and calm your psychological state during a panic attack, including:


Take a deep breath: The heartbeat of a person who has a panic attack may certainly accelerate, so focus on the breathing process so that you can calm yourself, and reduce the symptoms of panic, anxiety and fear you are experiencing. Also change your body position: If you have a panic attack while you are sitting from Then change the position of your body or your sitting, for example if you are sitting, stand up or walk a little, because this helps to modify and improve the breathing process and helps you calm down and relieve your symptoms. Distract your attention: being distracted during a panic attack helps It helps relieve symptoms that occur to you, and scientists have indicated that distracting the mind in simple things works to distract from the feelings you feel, thus relieving symptoms of panic and anxiety. Also, chewing gum: Many researches have indicated that chewing gum for at least 14 minutes It may help in improving the levels of stress and anxiety within a person’s body. Herbs: Herbs help a lot in relieving anxiety and tension levels within a person who suffers from panic attacks, so we advise you to drink herbs such as green tea, chamomile and others. Symptoms of panic attacks when sleeping


Many people may suffer from panic attacks, especially at bedtime or in the evening, so we will mention to you the most prominent symptoms:


Many people may suffer from screaming during sleep, or sleepwalking as well, or waking up suddenly at night, and this state of panic attacks usually suffers from adolescents or children more. You must know the difference between a nightmare and a panic attack, a panic attack does not remember a person It happened to him during sleep, while in the case of a nightmare, the person remembers well the events of the nightmare he saw in the dream. The symptoms are crying and screaming severely during sleep, in addition to the person awakening suddenly and having severe tremors and intense fear that he does not know the cause or why he feels like this? The person also feels The person with a panic attack during sleep has extreme heat, sweating, and redness of the face as well. With an acceleration of the heartbeat as well, in addition to a lot of movement during sleep or volatility, with extreme sadness and the desire to cry. Many people may also suffer during panic attacks from movement or walking. During sleep, in addition to behaving aggressively towards anyone who tries to prevent him from moving. Causes of panic attacks


Many people may think that panic attacks occur without a reason, and this belief is one of the false beliefs that are circulated about panic attacks. Therefore, the most prominent causes of these attacks are:


Genetic genes play an important role in the development of anxiety disorders and panic attacks. That a person is more vulnerable to stress, situations and problems that make you feel constantly stressed, in addition to causing many psychological stresses.

How did you get rid of panic attacks?


Many people would like to know how to get rid of panic attacks and lead a normal life without anxiety or attacks:


The treatment of anxiety attacks is divided into several sections, the first of which is behavioral psychotherapy: This treatment is considered one of the most important treatments that a person who suffers from panic attacks should receive. This treatment depends on the condition of the patient himself and what he suffers from. Pharmacological treatment: In this case, the doctor prescribes many medications for the patient, including tranquilizers and drugs to stabilize the nervous system, but you should know that these drugs are only taken under the supervision of a specialized doctor. panic


There are many complications and side effects that a person can experience if their panic attacks are not treated early:


Complications of panic may cause many symptoms such as having a specific phobia such as fear of driving or fear of leaving the house. Constant need for health care or fear of health care or some diseases. Also, a person who suffers from panic attacks may suffer in stages. Advanced disease from avoiding social life, and suffering at work, school or university as well. Depression in addition to other psychological disorders. In addition, people who suffer from panic attacks may later suffer from the risk of committing suicide or passing some suicidal thoughts in their heads. They are likely to have significant financial problems, as well as drug or alcohol addiction. Recovery time from panic attacks


Many people may wonder how long panic attacks should be treated, so here’s how long they should be treated:


In the beginning, you should know that each case is different from the other, so the doctor determines the duration of treatment based on the condition that the patient suffers from. Therefore, in order to be able to deal with panic attacks in a healthy way, you must recognize the signs and symptoms that occur to you when you suffer It is also important to live your life and not let fear control your thinking, in addition to talking to yourself, and telling them that you can skip anything. Do exercise, it works to reduce stress, relieve stress and help you relax. Stop Also, avoid taking stimulants such as caffeine or smoking, as they help increase the feeling of tension and irritability as well, as abstaining from them helps you feel calm.

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