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How do we prevent the spread of hepatitis C virus

It is known that the most common way to transmit the hepatitis C virus is exposure to blood contaminated with the virus, as occurs when using contaminated injection methods, as happens among drug injecting addicts.


This emphasizes the need to ensure the use of sterile injection methods in safe ways and to stop using drugs.


* Talk about the transmission of the hepatitis C virus through sexual relations is not certain, but it is certain that the use of condoms, especially for men, is considered a preventive means against the transmission of the virus through sexual relations.


*The virus can also be transmitted through normal daily uses, such as using razors, scissors, and toothbrushes collectively, and this can be avoided by using such tools personally.


*Persons who are exposed to handling blood or its derivatives, such as workers in health units, medical laboratories, dentists, surgeons, and nurses, as well as people living with patients with hepatitis C, must take precautions not to be exposed to contaminated blood in the following ways:


· Use modern and safe methods to dispose of contaminated syringes and patient supplies


· Make sure to wash hands well


· Use insulated medical gloves when handling these tools.


· If a person is pricked with a needle that is suspected to be contaminated, a test for antibodies to Hepatitis C and a PCR test should be done if the antibody test is negative, and the tests should be repeated after 4 or 6 months if the first sample is negative.


*Hepatitis C virus patients must take the necessary vaccines and antibiotics for hepatitis A and B viruses.

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