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5 tips for a more beautiful mascara

Most makeup artists recommend wearing mascara alone on hot summer days and nights


To increase the beauty of your eyes and give you a wider and more attractive look.


Therefore, you may not need eyeliner or eye shadow, but only mascara.


Here are 5 tips for a more beautiful mascara that will help you get more beautiful eyelashes:




1- If you want to get rid of excess mascara, do not use an eyelash comb because it requires extreme care when using it. Wipe the mascara brush with a tissue, then comb the eyelashes with it to remove any excess.


2- Brush your eyelashes with a clean brush moistened with water before applying mascara. You will not need to buy a clean brush, but when it dries or you empty the old mascara, you can clean the brush with eye makeup remover, then wash it with water and shower gel, rinse well, then leave it to dry.


So you have a brush to use instead of an eyelash curler.


3- Colored mascara is the latest trend, but you can just use black mascara because it suits everyone except blondes.


Women with blonde hair use brown mascara during the day, and are satisfied with black only at night.


4- When applying mascara, wrap the brush well at the roots of the eyelashes, not the tips, because that is what gives the look depth and makes your eyelashes appear longer, and not just put it on the tips of the eyelashes.




5- A short, thin brush is best when applying mascara because it helps you reach the shortest eyelashes in the corner of the eye.


The short wand of the brush gives you better control when applying mascara.

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