How do pillowcases affect the skin?

How do pillowcases affect the skin?

?Does a pillowcase help the skin

 Maybe, but depending on your sleeping position, says Annie Gonzalez, MD, a dermatologist with Riverchase Dermatology Group in Miami, “a silk pillowcase can be incredibly helpful in preventing wrinkles for anyone who sleeps on their stomach or side.”

How do pillowcases affect the skin?

And she adds: “When a person sleeps on one side of the face on the pillow for eight hours in the evening, this side becomes more susceptible to wrinkles than the other side.” In addition, silk does not dry out like cotton and does not absorb moisture from the skin during sleep, according to the site “24.” .

Gonzalez says while there isn’t a lot of research to back this up, so a pillowcase shouldn’t be relied upon as a wrinkle-preventing solution, at least it won’t cause harm, according to Everyday Health.

Washing once a week

Pillow covers should be kept clean, and Deborah Longuel, also a dermatologist at the Miami Dermatology Center, recommends washing clothes covers once a week and pillows once a month with a detergent for sensitive skin, noting that “the fewer chemicals, the better.” for the skin.”


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