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How can olive oil be used for hair removal?

How can olive oil be used for hair removal 62% of people have sensitive skin at some point, which suffers greatly when using chemicals, especially when removing excess hair, which may cause the skin to dry out or inflame and leave you with a feeling of discomfort and anger, but olive oil is a natural substance in Always at hand, as it is a slippery substance that reduces friction with the skin, which makes the process of removing excess hair easier and leaves your skin smooth and beautiful.


1. Buy a new bottle of olive oil, but you can use the olive oil you have, but the problem is that you have used it a lot in cooking, which exposes it to fumes and raids. Therefore, it is preferable to buy a small bottle for hair removal


olive oil for hair removal

2. Pour a small amount of oil on your hand, not too much, then put your other hand to massage the oil between your two hands

olive oil for hair removal

3. Massage with your hands olive oil over the area you want, and if it is the first time you use this method for hair removal, it is preferable to use it on an area that is easy to deal with, such as your hands or feet.


How do you use olive oil for hair removal?

4. Use the razor to remove hair and do not be afraid, olive oil is a high-viscosity liquid, which protects your skin against injuries

How to use olive oil to remove hair

5. Do not use any chemical moisturizers, as this saves money instead of unnecessary things. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer for the skin

olive oil for hair removal

6. You must protect the blade from rust by placing it in olive oil, as it is viscous that prevents air from reaching the blade and prevents its rust.


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