Honey protects against clots

A Czech study says that mixing honey and ground cinnamon reduces cholesterol levels in the blood and arteries.


A recent Czech study showed that honey mixed with ground cinnamon helps people with heart disease, because the combination of the two reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and arteries and protects against heart attacks. Honey, mixed with cinnamon, restores the flexibility of the arteries and veins.



The study pointed out that honey is considered effective in combating rheumatoid arthritis by taking a spoonful daily.


The study confirmed that honey can also calm coughs with the same effectiveness as various anti-cough liquids, especially in children. It also advised its use when feeling weak, during stress, nervous disorders, and to combat skin aging.


The study indicated that honey also has antiseptic effects, in addition to helping heal wounds by applying it to the skin from the outside.


The study pointed out that increasing the benefits of using honey can be achieved by diversifying the methods of consuming it to treat various health conditions, advising the use of honey to treat pain in the pharynx by placing two tablespoons of honey and lemon juice in an empty cup and then pouring hot water over it until it dissolves.


According to the study, honey is also useful in treating urinary system infections, so in this regard it is sufficient to dissolve two teaspoons of it with a spoonful of ground cinnamon in a cup, add lukewarm water to them, then drink it.


The study also confirmed that honey helps relieve toothache, advising in this regard to mix a spoonful of ground cinnamon with five spoons of honey, and repeat this three times daily.


She pointed out that honey can be used to remove small pimples that form on the face, and it is also useful for treating infectious skin diseases, losing weight, and reducing the bad odor emanating from the mouth.

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