Homemade cream to get rid of cellulite

Many women suffer from the problem of cellulite, which is difficult to solve, so today we present to you a way to prepare a natural home cream that eliminates this problem. Learn about its components and how to apply it with us and prepare it yourself and make sure to use it constantly, according to the “Your Beauty” website.
cup of raw cocoa butter.
A cup of Vaseline.
Two tablespoons of
half a cup of almond oil.
Half a cup of coconut oil.
Two tablespoons of olive oil.
Content of 5 capsules of vitamin E (in case it is not available, 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil can be used).
Method of preparation
– Add cocoa butter to Vaseline, and put the mixture in a hot water bath (or in the electric oven for 10 seconds) with stirring until completely melted.
– Add almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil to the mixture, then add vitamin E and coffee to the mixture.
– Stir the ingredients, and store in a clean jar in the refrigerator until use.
How to use
– It is preferable to shower with warm water before applying the cream to open the pores.
– The skin is dried well, and the cream is placed on the affected areas with a massage for 10 minutes in a circular motion until the cream is completely absorbed by the skin. Use the cream twice a day and the cellulite will gradually disappear

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