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Here is a Korean diet that helps you lose weight in 3 days

Here is a Korean diet that helps you lose weight in 3 days

When we talk about a Korean diet, it is definitely a diet based on a very low calorie count. In addition, his schedule does not include a large number of foods within one meal. Learn about the Korean diet that loses weight in just 3 days.

This diet is very harsh and should only be followed after consulting a specialist:

The three-day schedule is the same:

Breakfast: one large apple.

Lunch: One sweet potato with a little salt and black pepper.

Dinner: a cup of fat-free yogurt.

Additional benefits of the Korean diet:

Improves body health in general: The Korean diet is considered one of the most healthy diets, as it contains healthy foods. It helps the body to get rid of toxins.

Reduces the appearance of acne: The Korean diet schedule helps reduce the appearance of acne.

The Korean diet is rich in nutrients for the whole body: The Korean diet focuses on various foods that contain different nutrients that the body needs.

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