A mixture to fatten the hands and hide the veins

Very thin women suffer from weak hands and protruding veins in them, and many of them feel that this is what makes them look old, so we help you to get rid of this problem, by working on fattening the hands by applying quick natural mixtures.


lemon and yeast





Lemon is used to fatten the hands due to its richness in vitamins necessary for this, and yeast enhances this, so we advise you to apply this recipe by mixing yeast powder with a little almond oil, then the mixture is applied to the hands twice a day, and continue to repeat this mixture for a whole week to notice the difference Gradually until you reach the satisfactory result for you, and it is possible to use yeast alone with the addition of a small amount of water, where the water is mixed with two tablespoons of yeast and stirred well until the mixture resembles soft foam, then the hands are painted with it and left for five minutes, and then washed with water, It is a natural hormone that fattening the hands without affecting the rest of the body’s organs.


Milk and fenugreek





Milk is considered whitening and nourishing for the skin, and works to provide it with the vitamins necessary to motivate it to gain obesity, and to use it in fattening hands, mix a tablespoon of ground fenugreek to a tablespoon of powdered milk, add a little olive oil or almond oil and stir the mixture well until it is homogeneous, then put On the hands for a quarter of an hour, and then wash it with water, and you will see an immediate and quick result within days.


lemon and milk

It is possible to massage the hands with lemon juice only, as the vitamin C in lemon helps to fatten the hands, and it is preferable to repeat this recipe daily to get the best results, and you can use it with milk for a faster result, by mixing lemon juice with one cup of milk and adding a tablespoon of flour Oats and a tablespoon of yeast. They are food items that are applied topically, and they work on fattening the hands without an increase in the rest of the body weight, and then distribute the mixture on the hands and leave it for half an hour, then wash the hands after that with lukewarm water.

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