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Here are the reasons why your hair stops growing

Do you feel that your hair has stopped growing naturally recently and has become stagnant?

Although it can be frustrating if your hair stops growing, it is normal sometimes. Some may spend years growing their hair and not achieve the desired length.
This does not mean that your hair is unable to grow after reaching a certain length, but it is only unable to maintain the required growth due to some factors that we will introduce you to through experts about hair care habits that prevent your hair from growing and maintaining length.
hair manipulation

Have you ever thought that you are over-manipulating your hair?

How often do you comb, color, or straighten your hair with hot styling tools?

Depending on your answer, you will have an explanation as to why you are struggling with your hair growth journey.
Excessive hair styling, coloring and stressful hairstyles necessarily cause damage to the scalp and hair, and consequently its inability to grow.
Hair trimming awaits:
Cutting the ends of the hair on a regular basis limits the exacerbation of split ends and prevents damage to its strands.
If hair is not cut frequently or properly, split ends will continue to break down to the hair shaft and eventually lead to devastating breakage that makes it impossible to maintain the length of the hair.
We recommend that you cut the ends of the hair evenly every three to four months to maintain its length, using a blunt technique to remove all split ends.
Moisturizing hair:
Just like skin, your hair needs a lot of moisture, which gives it more space to breathe and grow better.
Moisturizing hair properly is the process of using lightweight conditioners, natural proteins, amino acids, and important vitamins that penetrate the hair fiber, penetrating and improving water and nutrient absorption so that hair can retain moisture.

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