Chocolate body mask

Chocolate is one of the most famous sweets in the world, and it is the most prevalent among all people, and its spread has increased more after recent studies showed its health benefits, and chocolate for hair and body is one of the biggest nutrients for skin and hair, and nutrition experts explained that chocolate contains 300 useful natural substances, the most important of which are Antioxidants and moisturizing substances that delay the appearance of aging factors, which is why cosmetic companies have created a formula that has a magical effect on all types of skin, especially oily skin, in order to absolve the chocolate square of all accusations against it that it is one of the biggest causes of harm to oily skin, pimples and acne, explains Muhammad. Moti’, a massage and cosmetic specialist, said that the “cocoa” seeds before roasting contain a high percentage of oils that cleanse the skin, and are obtained by grinding and mixing them with water and oxygen to obtain an effective substance that resists the symptoms of aging, and when the skin is treated with masks containing chocolate, it obtains a percentage of Of the necessary oxygen, helps them to regenerate cells and restore their ability to absorb and benefit from vitamins and nutrients.



He continues that chocolate masks and massages are requested by about 50% of women, and the funny thing is that those who choose a chocolate mask are mostly lovers of eating it, and after knowing its benefits on the skin and hair, they become more convinced and welcome.



The session begins with applying a peeling material or a cleaning mask that contains cocoa elements, starting from the face to the neck and back with circular movements to stimulate blood circulation, and also for the cocoa nibs to remove dead skin, and then the effects of chocolate preparations are removed with moisturizing cream, to show the skin more fresh and smooth Also, the smell of chocolate stays on the body for more than 48 hours, and Muhammad Moti’e advises the appetizers to marry in particular this experience, which gives the bride everything she wants in one sitting, but it should be before the wedding a day to avoid the redness of the body, and it is also advised by women with oily skin Because it is very useful for them, whether in the form of a massage or a cleaning mask, but in the event that there is no opportunity to go to the beauty center, it is possible to buy masks, creams and oils from specialized pharmacies, but with the need to read the ingredients to choose what contains a high percentage of cocoa preparations.



This is a home mask for those who want to have fun without pharmacies or beauty centers. They can apply this recipe provided by the beautician, which is a homemade mask of chocolate, and it can be kept in the refrigerator until use:





You start by melting 150 grams of dark chocolate in a water bath, then put it in the microwave oven, then mix it with a quarter cup of milk and a tablespoon of ground apricot kernels, we can replace it with a spoon of coarse salt if it is not available, simplify the chocolate mask on the face, And when it begins to stick, gently rub the skin with it, then leave it until it completely freezes, and it can be peeled or removed using a cotton swab moistened with warm water, and after removing the mask completely, any moisturizing cream is applied.


Is it possible to try it and let us know the results???



With this new study, which increased our love for chocolate and our attachment to it, and the way the chocolate mask works for hair and body, we know how useful the chocolate mask for hair and body is and nourishes the body and hair and gives them an attractive luster.

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