Herbal Solution for Varicose Veins


How is varicose veins treated? Can an herbal solution be applied to varicose pains?


You can shrink your varicose veins with horse chestnut oil. You can even make it disappear to a very large extent if it has just started. You need to be consistent and patient for this.


How is varicose veins treated?


If you are looking for a herbal solution for varicose veins, you must have heard of horse chestnut oil. You can get a good quality horse chestnut oil or you can prepare it yourself.


Horse chestnut oil will help a lot in herbal treatment for capillaries and varicose veins. Then be sure to take note of the recipe for this oil.


How to make horse chestnut oil?


After peeling the skins of 10 horse chestnuts, grate them and put them in a glass jar.


Add enough extra virgin olive oil to cover the horse chestnuts you will grate.


Leave for 21 days in a sunny place with frequent shaking.


At the end of 21 days, filter your oil and store it in a glass jar in a cool place.


Here, your natural and magnificent horse chestnut oil is ready.


So, how will your vegetable oil be used for varicose veins?


How to use horse chestnut oil?


Apply the horse chestnut oil by massaging it starting from the ankles and upwards.


Do this before going to bed.


Apply the oil by raising your legs up and massaging from the bottom up.


After the massage, move your ankles back and forth by pushing and pulling.


Continue this practice for a month. When you apply the wonderful oil like this, you will see that it is a natural solution to varicose veins .


Herbal solution suggestions for varicose veins


Don’t forget the importance of walking, keeping cold water and swimming.


If you apply the natural method and sports simultaneously, you can get much faster and better results.


These applications will also greatly reduce your varicose pain.



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