Does colon cause back pain

Back pain

Low back pain, in most cases, is not due to a serious disease or a serious problem with it, and there is no precise and clear cause for it. The usual advice for those suffering from this symptom is to maintain energy and vitality, and to carry out natural activities as much as possible, and they can also use analgesics to relieve pain. In most cases, the pain disappears within about six weeks, but it may recur from time to time and is known as chronic pain, and in some cases it develops, which requires further treatment.

Unspecified back pain

This type is the most common type of back pain, and most cases are classified within it, and most people face it at some point in their lives, and it is called “qualitative” because there is usually no specific disease that causes it, and its pain varies between mild and severe.

The relationship of colon problems with back pain

One of the causes of back pain and the most common among the rest of the causes is colon problems, and these problems occur due to obstructions in the digestive system, specifically constipation and bloating. Pressure on the discs between the vertebrae, which causes irritation of the nerves and severe back pain. Also, these problems cause pressure on the pelvic bones, which makes you suffer from severe lower back pain.


Ways to reduce back pain caused by colon problems


There are many tips that help you get rid of colon problems, and thus reduce back pain:


Increase the amount of water you drink, as dehydration can increase colon problems. Eat fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables, on a regular basis. Continue to move and do exercise, and activities that stimulate your blood circulation, such as walking or jogging. Lubricate the intestines to facilitate its movement, which relieves From back pain. Take some painkillers in case the pain increases. Refer to the doctor in case the pain is chronic and not controlled.



Other less common causes of back pain


One of the types of arthritis is inflammation of the vertebrae between the bones of the spine. These infections cause severe back pain. Suffering from common disorders, tumors, and structural stresses sometimes cause lower back pain, but in a very small way, equivalent to one out of 100 cases, and you should go to the doctor. To know the procedures that must be taken, whether it is a surgical procedure or prescriptions.

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