Healthy lifestyle / What is a healthy lifestyle?


What is a healthy lifestyle?


A healthy lifestyle is defined as a set of practices that aim to improve the level of health of individuals and prevent disease which ultimately leads to an improvement in the overall standard of life . The concept of a healthy lifestyle may be limited to exercise and eating healthy food, but it also includes sanity (mindfulness) and health, and a healthy life arises only by a balance between physical health and mental or mental health (which includes mental health).


It is commonly believed that a healthy lifestyle is only about weight loss, but weight control or reaching a healthy weight is just one healthy lifestyle.  

Healthy lifestyles range to include:                                                                                                                                                          

Eat balanced food.

Exercise Physical Activity.

 Quit smoking.

Refrain from drinking alcohol.

Get enough sleep.

Avoid triggers for anxiety, as well as other health practices and habits that promote overall health.

 People vary in their choices about which healthy lifestyles suit them and the consequences, but all of these patterns contribute to disease prevention and improve the quality of life of individuals.


What are the difficulties of following a healthy lifestyle?


Physical activity and eating healthy food are some of the basics of a healthy lifestyle, but it is sometimes difficult for some to adhere to them due to the developments of life and the growing preoccupation of many with the demands of work and family. For example, a mother may not be able to save time for regular exercise due to her preoccupation with raising children or working and is advised to increase her physical activity at home. Many may also get used to eating fast and unhealthy snacks because they cannot prepare healthy food due to accelerated life circumstances.

These habits and malpractices are dangerous for the health of adults and children as well, and avoiding them is essential for obtaining the desired benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Recognizing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle helps to recognize the importance of change and try to find solutions to the barriers to implementing healthy behaviors.


How do I assess my health?


To start with a healthy lifestyle, a decision must be made to want to enjoy the benefits of adopting and continuing to practice healthy habits, and these people who want to change should be aware of their current level of health so that they can monitor the extent of improvement over time. The basic aspects to be assessed include: weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, blood lipid level and blood sugar level, as well as assessing the individual’s physical activity and monitoring the nature of the food they eat and the number of hours of sleep they get daily.

The initial assessment also helps to determine the desired goals of the new health plan that vary from person to person, where a person with high fat needs a diet to reduce the chance of developing cardiovascular disease (or cardiovascular disease), but this diet is different from that of a person with a slightly high blood fat level.


How do I start a healthy lifestyle?


It can sometimes seem that a healthy lifestyle is difficult and cannot be done, but the difficulty may lie in giving up unhealthy habits and wrong practices. However, the basic idea of a healthy lifestyle is to start with simple practical steps towards change for the better in terms of food, physical activity, sleep and other healthy practices. 

 It is essential that the next person to lead a healthy lifestyle be patient, and over time healthy practices become habits that can not be abandoned especially while noting their benefits to physical and mental health.

Healthy living practices are not difficult or complicated, on the contrary they are easy and possible. For example, eating certain servings of vegetables and fruits daily is one of the most important healthy lifestyles and this is not at all impossible. Drinking water, walking and sleeping well are all possible. But, some healthy habits such as quitting smoking and abstaining from alcohol require more time and effort, but they are also possible and lead to amazing health results.