Health benefits of saffron

The German magazine “Freundin” confirmed that saffron is a lethal weapon for expelling toxins from the body, as the bitter substances present in it activate the liver, launch the process of expelling toxins, and support the digestion process.









To benefit from the health benefits of saffron, Freundin recommended dissolving an amount of saffron in a cup of water and drinking it in the morning to get rid of toxins from the body on the one hand, and start the day energetically and energetically on the other hand.



However, the German magazine warns against drinking saffron water every day, stressing that drinking it once a month is quite enough to enjoy its health benefits.



On the other hand, saffron has an aesthetic effect, as bathing with saffron water helps to enjoy beautiful, flawless skin that radiates freshness and vitality, in addition to the possibility of using it as a spice to add a distinctive flavor to food.

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