Avoid colds and flu in ten smart ways!

Who among us does not get colds and influenza in the winter and fall, especially with the transmission of infection in public places ?

Workplaces and schools, here are the most important ways to avoid catching the annoying cold.

1 – Avoid shaking hands with people because the most important way of infection is shaking hands, which transmits a large number of viruses and germs.

2- Prevent cold air from entering the nose by warming it and covering it

3- Strengthening the immune system by reducing sugar intake.

4- Cleaning clothes with hot water to kill all lingering microbes

5 – Open windows when meeting a sick person and avoid meeting him if possible

6- Make sure to sleep for 8 hours a day to maintain the effectiveness of the immune system

7 – Avoid using sterile wipes unless they contain 60 or 80% alcohol.

8 – Clean the nose from time to time to prevent the penetration of germs into it

9- Exercise in moderation to strengthen the immune system.

10 – Take vitamin D supplements, because its deficiency increases the risk of colds, colds, and influenza.

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