Hair Serum.. Benefits and How to Use


Hair serum is silicone oil, which works to protect hair from the sun, dust and pollution, in addition to giving the hair the desired shine while protecting it from tangles and damage caused by exposure to sunlight and hair styling products.


And the serum protects your hair until you wash it and put it back on, which means that it guarantees your hair a permanent protection, according to “beauty care”.

The benefits of hair serums are numerous, including:
Protecting hair from breakage.
Moisturizing hair.
hair nourishment;
Reduce hair loss caused by weakness.
Damaged and frizzy hair treatment.

How to use:
Wash your hair well before using the serum with shampoo and lukewarm water. Use the serum directly on frizzy, dry hair to reduce frizz and dryness.

Use it before exposure to the blow-dry or iron, to protect the hair from the dangers of high heat.

Do not use large quantities, 3 points: 5 points (depending on the length of your hair) is very enough, so as not to cause your hair to become oily, and it will have an unpleasant greasy feel to you.

Do not wash your hair again immediately after applying the serum, wait at least 24 hours. Stick to the method of use indicated on the packaging, for each type.

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