Hair serum before the hairdresser

The application of the serum is very important before the hairdressing to protect the hair strands from damage and provide more protection for them; It helps to encapsulate the hair with a protective layer and at the same time allows the hair to be straightened and increase its softness. We informs you of the importance of applying a hair serum before  the consultation and the best types suitable for your hair type.

Hair serum before blow drying to protect your hair from damage

The serum helps protect hair from damage due to exposure to the heat of an electric dryer

Drying hair at too high a temperature can damage the follicles and reduce the secretion of natural oils Therefore, the serum is one of the best ways to avoid hair damage due to exposure to high heat, as well as protect your hair from all harmful factors that rob it of its luster and health.

Benefits of hair serum before hair salon

The serum helps straighten hair and give it a silky smooth texture

The hair serum is characterized by its light texture, so its application to the hair does not leave any greasy effects, but rather reduces the excess sebum on the scalp, unlike other hair oils, and it also controls the amount of sebum produced by the scalp.

The serum repairs damaged hair and gives it the nutrition it needs, which helps treat the problem of hair loss because it repairs the damage.

The serum prevents hair from getting tangled up, and makes it easier to style by applying a little of it to the hair, to tame it and give it flexibility and smoothness.

The serum helps soften hair and give it a silky feel.

The serum protects hair from external pollutants and forms a protective layer against dry winds, dirt, dust and harmful sunlight.

The serum prevents hair from splitting and gives it nourishment.


The best hair serum before the hairdresser

Kerastase hair protection serum

Scalp Care Serum Resistance Serum Extentioniste, Kerastase is the ideal product for restoring hair fibers for healthier root growth, ideally ensuring that the product penetrates into the hair roots for stronger growth. It is ideal for strong and long hair. Concentrate Contains key active ingredients that stimulate the growth of strong healthy hair follicles Application is an essential step in strengthening the roots and promoting a healthy scalp environment Its non-greasy formula harnesses the power of ceramides to protect the scalp from environmental aggressors while stimulating and revitalizing the roots Applied with a gentle massage For the scalp, it is ideal for promoting and revitalizing healthy hair growth for long, strong hair Its light and water-like feel, yet highly concentrated and rich in nutrients and active ingredients The serum absorbs easily and is highly beneficial, providing care for sensitive and suffering scalps from itching.


A frizz-controlling hair serum

Victoria’s Secret hair straightening serum

Victoria’s Secret Hair High-Shine Serum helps control curls, thanks to its rich formula that detangles, restores shine to your hair, and protects it from heat before styling, or after washing to control curls and give them Shine This serum provides nutrients to better rejuvenate the hair and enhance the quality of the hair fiber, leaving you with shiny and silky hair.

Hair straightening serum

Biolage Hair Smoothing Serum

SmoothProof Anti-Frizz Serum, Biolage: SmoothProof Anti-Frizz Serum, Biolage is one of the best hair serums before blow drying. all that is needed; It contains grape seed oil in addition to avocado oil. These oils give the hair full softness and intense hydration, and it also acts as a protective and strong insulator from heat, with a great ability to straighten hair and eliminate tangles and frizz

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