Hair dyes suitable for wheatish skin

Skin color plays an important role in determining the appropriate hair dye color, and wheat skin is one of the distinctive shades for many girls, and it is the middle shade between those with light skin and dark skin.


Therefore, we will help you choose the latest hair dyes for wheatish skin so that you can keep up with the latest fashion trends this summer.


Brown hair dye

One of the best shades of brown suitable for wheatish skin is dark brown. If the skin tone is cool, a mahogany brown shade should be chosen. However, if the skin tone is warm, a grayish brown shade should be chosen.


Red hair dye

One of the colors that suits wheat skin most is brownish or copper red, and mahogany red is suitable for wheat skin.


Gray blonde hair dye

One of the bold colors that strongly suits wheat skin, makes it appear modern and gorgeous, and highlights its beauty, especially since this shade greatly highlights the color of the eyes.


Dark black hair dye

One of the most beautiful and best colors for wheat skin, especially since dark colors lighten the skin tone, highlight it, and give it radiance and beauty. Black color also highlights the beauty of the eyes, especially when applying makeup appropriate to the hair and skin color, which increases the charming look.


Dark blonde hair dye

The best way to adopt blonde dye is to adopt dark blonde dye, which is one of the most beautiful shades of blonde for those with wheat skin. It is recommended to avoid light blonde as it does not suit wheat skin and is harmful to the health of the hair.


Burgundy red dye

Burgundy red is a distinctive color with wheat skin, as it adds charm and appeal to your look. Applying this color gives you a strong personality, boldness, and a modern look.

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