Grilled meat poses a health risk

Grilled meat poses a health risk





Iranian researchers say that meat grilled over an open fire (manqil) poses a danger to human health because it “contains substances that are harmful to health, because its composition is very similar to the composition of automobile exhaust gases.” The reason, they say, lies in the smoke resulting from burning wood, which gives grilled meat its delicious taste.

The IRNA news agency indicates that computer programs developed by scientists for the processes that take place while grilling meat on charcoal, and the results of tests conducted by scientists in Iran and abroad, showed that this meat contains harmful substances that vary depending on the method of grilling used. The agency stresses that the dangerous compounds present in smoke when grilling meat can cause changes in a person’s DNA, which in turn leads to the development of malignant tumors.

The agency points out that only a few can imagine this, as the properties of smoke resulting from burning wood are more harmful than smoking cigarettes for a long time.

Of course, the Iranians did not like this discovery, because they cannot imagine lunch without chicken or barbecue, so they will not abandon the traditions they are accustomed to.

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